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August 4, 2021

Dear Friends of PTA,

Welcome to the new school year!   As we navigate the changing circumstances that come from living with Covid-19 and its variants, we need to be prepared to pivot to support our children and families as the virus and the pandemic evolve.  Fortunately, most of our schools will begin to open to full faculty and student capacity, but health and safety must remain at the forefront of our decisions to educate our children.  As PTA  leaders, we must respect the guidance of our school districts and local health leaders regarding health and safety rules for activities on campuses.

As our children return to school, the PTA  will need to be creative in supporting our children and families.  Distance learning has exacerbated the inherent inequalities due to the digital divide, family schedules, most especially for our socioeconomically disadvantaged families. Many of our students have suffered learning loss, and still more may have anxiety about returning to in-person learning.

So how can PTA  help? Having fewer parents on campus leads to many challenges. The PTA  should continue to serve as the connection between families and school leaders to help facilitate the communication of best practices and protocols, needs of the school, and needs of students and families.

Please join us in our efforts to support local PTAs in building and maintaining their communities during this time. Santa Clara Valley PTA exists to do just that. The Sixth District PTA  Board chartered the Santa Clara Valley PTA  in 2006  to facilitate supporting PTAs at low-wealth schools. We do that by offering mentoring and training as well as providing monetary gifts and grants. We hope you will become a member, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas to help support our local PTAs.

We value your support. Please become a member of the Santa Clara Valley PTA.

Membership is only $10 per person, and it is tax deductible. Please click [here] for a printable membership form, or [here] to join online.

Please feel free to invite family members, friends, and neighbors to join as well. You don’t have to have a child in school to join the PTA.  You just have to care about children and public education.

Thank you!

Laura Raimondi
President, Santa Clara Valley PTA


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