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 Our Mission
The mission of the Santa Clara Valley PTA is to provide resources to support, sustain, and strengthen PTAs within Sixth District PTA.
 Our Beginning
Santa Clara Valley PTA (SCV PTA) was chartered within Sixth District in 2006 to be a PTA unit untethered to a specific school. SCV PTA is for people who support PTA, whether their children are still in school or have graduated, and for those without children. Our members believe "all children are our children" and through their membership or through remaining active in PTA, they continue to believe in and support PTA's mission

One of the original ideas for creating SCV PTA was to expand the capacity of Sixth District PTA by being able to do PTA unit tasks that a District PTA cannot do.
 Our Tasks
Tasks that SCV PTA has done, and continues to do, include:
• Role-model PTA operations for rookie PTA leaders who are SCV PTA officers that take their learning back to their children’s schools
• Comprise Sixth District scholarship committees to award the Barbara Emerich scholarships to high school seniors as well as PTA Convention scholarships to emerging PTA leaders within Sixth District
• Assist Out of Council units
Programs SCV PTA has offered to our members and to the broader Sixth District communities include:
• EBTKS (Everything but the Kitchen Sink), where SCV PTA officers hold an open session for PTA leaders to come, ask questions, and get help on whatever issue they are facing
• Tax Help Days
• Book Club where an education-issue book discussion is led by an SCV PTA officer
• Help struggling units
• Providing monetary grants to Councils and units.
 Tools for PTA Units
SCV PTA has also authored a number of documents to help PTA units both function as an organization and resources to make their work easier. Some examples include:
• PTA Calendar for Essential Requirements, a month-by-month checklist, one for current officers and one for incoming board-elect officers
• PTA Year in Review Snapshot, a record of essential information for a successful transition each new PTA year
• Program Resources Guide, a list of ideas for educational and fun programs that can be held by a PTA unit
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